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We had planned to visit Nepal again in 2015, but a catastrophic earthquake prevented travel and really put Nepal on back foot and in a state of utter despair. The much valued tourist trade dried up for some considerable time, and the trekking business that Ram and his fellow village community relied upon was gone in an instant, along with 98% of the village buildings, reduced to rubble in seconds. We pushed on with travel plans for March of 2016 as some tourism opened up, and after visiting other places, we eventually arrived at Lapubesi.I had already planned to donate beehives and basic equipment to the village in the hope that this would encourage someone to pursue beekeeping.

The photos show the hives being carried from the river crossing, where the road ends, up the steep path to Lapubesi, the village home of Ram, Laxmi, James and their wider family. The village was still in a state of shock, following the earthquake, with many still living in tents. The work continues to this day to resurrect the village into what it once was: a safe haven. We can all help to make this process end in a positive way by giving relatively little in return. Please share with your friends so the message can go far and wide